What’s It Like To Attend Our Church?

What to wear?  What to wear?

Some wear suits (not many).  Others dress more casually.  It’s important to us that you feel comfortable.  Remember God is more interested in your heart than your clothes.

What should I do when I come in?

We’re less formal and more relaxed …no stuffy atmosphere here.  Someone will greet you.  You can hang up your coat or keep it with you. (Please don’t leave any valuable in the coatroom).  Sit wherever you like.  Don’t be surprised when people say hello and shake your hand during our greeting time.

What are the services like?

Methodists like to sing, and since we think so highly of God, we like to take time rejoicing in how great He is.  We think He is alive and interesting, present and personal, so our worship style reflects these things.  Some songs are upbeat, others are more expressive of deep adoration.  We read Scripture, we pray.

Sometimes we give people an opportunity to tell about what our living God is doing in their lives.  It’s pretty nice.  About once a month we take communion.

Children are free to be children in our services and have fun.  But we recognize their need for something different from adults.  On the way in make sure they get a children’s bulletin (coloring sheet) and pack of crayons.  Nursery care is available through the whole service.  After a while the grade school children are released to go downstairs for a program suited to their age.

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